lunedì 2 luglio 2018

The Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience (English Text)

We have created a new experience valid both for Italians 
visiting Lucca and for foreign tourists.
Its name is The Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience.

You can book the experience directly by email (and pay 20 euros for person cash on arrival or with Paypal online payment) or book through the Airbnb site and pay 25 euros for person at booking by credit card.

Airbnb - The Japanese Tea Ceremony

The experience consists of meeting of about an hour in which a single person or a group of up to five persons comes to the headquarters of the Jaku Tea Ceremony School in Lucca (Piazza Curtatone 147) to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of traditional Japan and of the ancient art of Chanoyu. 
You will be welcomed by our Tea Teacher, dressed in the traditional kimono, who will give you a little theoretical introduction on the tea ceremony in Japan (in Italian, or foreign tourists, in English) and will then accomodate you in the tatami room to assist at the tea ceremony (moment of usucha or koicha at the guest' choice). 

You can sample a traditional Japanese dessert and drink a cup of matcha, ritually prepared. At the end of the ceremony, the Tea Teacher will answer all the questions and you can prepare another cup of matcha yourself!

To partecipate you need to book one day in advance. The days on which the ceremony takes place are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: you can choose a time between the following start times: 10.30/12.00/16.00/18.00/21.00, and Friday start times: 16.00 - 18.00 - 21.00.

Those who want to book must bring with them a pair of clean white socks to wear and the ladies must take off their jewelry and tie the hair if are long.
The experience is to sit on your knees, whoever has problem can let us know before so the School can arranges for a chair. 

It is an experience not to be missed in order to feel immersed in the atmosphere of traditional Japan in Italy!

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