venerdì 6 ottobre 2017

October month in tea ceremony (English post)

For tea ceremony, the month of October is a month with special details that are used exclusively during this time of the year.

I speak about oita and nakaoki.

Oita is a lacquer wooden shelf larger than shikiita that it's placed under furo.
It is used like a tana and also hishaku and futaoki are placed on it.

Nakaoki is a setting mode with furo in the middle of the tatami and mizusashi on the left side. It's common to use an hoso mizusashi. With this setting change a little the position of the other toys. 
And now some photos of hoso mizusashi

In this month, for Omotesenke School, is often used a particular chaire, called akoda, with the design of a gourd. 

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