giovedì 6 aprile 2017

Chakabuki: the game of tea (English post)

For Rikyuki (the commemoration of Master Sen no Rikyu), the seventh generation of descendants of the Master  has created the "seven lessons" or seven kinds of different activities related to the tea ceremony lessons that many students can perform actively and simultaneously. These lessons were created because it was increasing the number of students and it became impossible to make their class without sacrificing a few.

One of these lessons is chakabuki or tea game. During this lesson, there are five students doing the classic roles of master, assistant and three guests.
The master prepares two koicha tea bowls by two different containers corresponding to two famous historical tea, marked on a slate at the tokonoma, and flanked by a third-defined type "other".

Guests looking to memorize these two teas and the teacher begins to prepare other cups koicha doing sample a total of three additional cups. Guests task is to identify the name of the latter three cups of tea and identify them on a piece of paper that will be delivered to the assistant which has the task of their transcription on a large sheet of washi paper.

Each guest choose a piece of paper, wrote earlier, corresponding to what he believes to be the right kind of matcha, then fold it back on itself and closes it in an envelope marked with the number of tasting, while storing the other sheets in the first folding fan.

It's a kind of very fun lesson that allows you to deal with the complex tasting of different types of matcha, which is also very complex for more experienced students and teachers.

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