domenica 2 aprile 2017

Camellias Festival 2017 - Tsubaki Matsuri 2017 (English post)

As already know from my previous post, also this year, we were guests of the Camellias Festival (Tsubaki Matsuri) in Sant'Andrea di Compito (LU) to make  chanoyu demonstrations, open to the public, in the wonderful frame of the floral park of Villa Orsi.

We did three demonstrations for day for two Saturdays in consecutive weeks; the first Saturday we simply arranged with a pedestal tatami and a furo. Guests sat around on simple benches equipped with tables and the set was decorated with a classic Japanese umbrella. The last Saturdays, however, we managed to set up a "treppiedi" stand of bamboo from which to tilt the chains that would support the kama, according to the classic outdoor setting, and then we have done our demonstration in the "winter brazier version ".

They were attended by many guests, both times, of all nationalities, and for us this has been a source of great pride. I leave you now with some photos.

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