lunedì 7 novembre 2016

Drinking koicha to wait for robiraki (English text)

November is a very intriguing month. 
I deeply love the Fall: nature becomes more intense and tinged with warm and cool colors that invite to close in tea room where the barely audible crackle of burning coals welcome as an irresistible call. 
At this time, over a cup of koicha, is easier to meditate on life, nature and the lessons that only the Way of Tea manages to impart. 

Whit my koicha, today, I began to think about what is the focal point of November for every follower of Chado: robiraki. 
Robiraki is the opening of ro (winter brazier) which coincides with the month of November and with the opening of chatsubo for the first tea of the season. 
The opening of ro and chatsubo should be made, according to tradition, 88 days after it's closure. 
Robiraki takes so much work, but the "installation" of the first coal it is also a great satisfaction and marks the beginning of the winter season and the friendly brazier located in the middle of the room. 

Above and below there are some techniques photos of how to drink koicha and to clean  the cup after drinking. 

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