giovedì 3 novembre 2016

Haigata without charcoals! (English text)

The word "haigata" in Japanese means the arrangement of ash (specific ash for the use in tea ceremony) inside the brazier, both summer and winter.
The ash is very important because it serves as the basis of the above charcoals and also has a nice aesthetic effect.
Put the ash is a complex art in the ceremony since each type of grate has a different form of ash.
The ash is first basted and then, once given a summary form, it is "smoothed" with appropriate tools. 
Usually with electric coals you can not use the ash and that is a shame because you lose a lot of aesthetic of the brazier.
However doing a lesson, to save money and time, we use the fake coals to have the appearance of true of true coals and light up just as the red - hot - coals but they are made of synthetic materials and emit light and heat due to electricity.
I recently discovered a system in order to use the ash with synthetic charcoals could also make a "partial" haigata. 

There are the "plates of fake coals" electrical which can be inserted in a protective disk enable you to put the ashes in the edge you can put it appropriately smoothing (not, unfortunately, be able to get all the traditional forms required by the various types of braziers).

I haven't yet a maekegawara (half moon ceramics that plugs into the ash in front of the embers) suitable for furo cast iron (should be orange ) so I had to adapt with my white one.
Here in these photos there are some examples of what as been the end result that has me very satisfied. 

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