venerdì 26 giugno 2015

Tasting a Thai oolong tea: Jing Shuan

A well known importer of tea honored me with a series of samples including a Thai oolong: Jing Shuan.

As you can see from the photo, it has a nice green color with rolled leafs that include the first three leaves. The dry scent is lightly grassy with a predominant hint of dried fruits.  

For the preparation a made a simple choice in a prestigious location. A 1700 century hall is important enough so I chose to set a minimal chaxi in fusion style using a combination of European objects (silver tray, tea container in fine China and towels in embroidered veil) and Eastern (Yixing kensui and dark teapot, cup in white Chinese porcelain and Japanese steel saucer). It's inevitable the presence of flowers, particularly orchids, that can give atmosphere to any setting.  

The infusion looks pale yellow, medium clear. The texture on the palate is rather thin and the aroma is very light and flowery. Wet leaves have a consistent aroma of flowers and tomato. 

It's a tea without a marked aromas and flavors. Surely it is too bland to be counted among the precious teas. It will not be a tea that I'll buy in the next future.  

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