venerdì 26 giugno 2015

Still a long absence but this time we write on the blog more motivated than ever!

I didn't want, but I find myself once again to apologize for the long absence from the blog. So many things have happened to me: I took a degree, I adopted an extraordinary puppy dog and I lived many adventures. And I went through all this to get back to writing in the blog even more motivated than before because every experience I do brings me back to which is and will always be my greatest passion: the tea ceremony!

Now, fortunately, I have a lot of free time and I decided to use him to dedicate every day to a different tea ceremony.
Of course chanoyu will have several days dedicated, otherwise it would be impossible to resist!

On Friday it's the round of the Japanese tea ceremony and today I did practice for the first time, & nbsp; with a typical summer temae inaugurating my new tana (a special tea ceremony forniture) with the appropriate space for the use of hira kensui (a kensui - container of dirty water - flat and wide).
I also inaugurated the new location for the summer tea ceremonies: a wonderful roof terrace with panoramic views on all sides. Later also I put the photo of the location that is truly stunning.
Mitsusashi is an adaptation of an Italian vessel similar to analogues used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

This type of temae provides koicha run to usucha without the usual pause that normally divides them.
On this occasion I used a natsume (tea container) in black lacquer with bamboo design and dew drops.
Chawan (the bowl where you can drink tea) is one of my favorite summer cups, while futaoki (ladle rests) is part of the collection of futaoki loved by Sen no Rikyu .
The photo below shows the arrangement of the tools at the end of the ceremony: you must mentally divide the upper part of the shelf top in three parts and bottom in four and place hishaku (ladle for water) so that it has the mouth on the intersection between the first and second upper space and the lower end of the handle in the intersection between the third and fourth.
The last photo shows the disposal instead (guest side) of the main four tools that are viewed during Haiken.
I leave you in company of the photos and ... good matcha at all!

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