giovedì 20 giugno 2013

Pink Chaxi

It will be that this spring continues to be gray and rainy, it will be that my mood is combined with the time or it will be that I wanted to inaugurate a  Japanese Tengui that was given to me some time ago, the fact is that I organized the Chaxi for the lesson in a somewhat 'unusual pairing with a very romantic pink and white dressing.

A tengui is a simple piece of cotton cloth painted with Japanese traditional designs that can be used in various ways: as dry cloth,  as placemat, as a curtain ...
And it's necessary to pay attention to washing a tengui because the colors are not fixed with industrial techniques and may fade or bleed.
The design of this tengui is a classic spring: flowers of sakura (cherry flowers) and bunnies (which are considered good luck in Japan).

The tools used take up the theme of cherry blossoms in the cups and in the pitcher and they are all fine Chinese porcelain except  saucer dessert that is a gift from Japan.

For tea it seemed appropriate to use a "White Snow Buds," a good quality white tea buds,  full of great taste,  delicate, sweet and fruity soon.

For  sweet I paired a little meringue decorated with pink sugar sprinkles.

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