giovedì 27 settembre 2012

Star of Bulang 2007 (English Version)

It's a long time since I updated this blog, but a little the end of the lessons of tea ceremony and a little my work, I momentarily neglect my great love for this wonderful drink. Two days ago, thanks to the bad weather, I decided to open a new cake of puerh tea. I really wanted a sheng, but my last trusty cake of Menghai 7532 was finish so I went in my pumidor to look for something and I decided finally to try "Star of Bulang" Guoyan 701 of the 2007 vintage. Came to me in 2008 (very young), I storage until now in my pumidor, so in a moderate heat and medium / dry humidity (65% on average). Despite the degree of humidity is not one of the best, the cake has maintained intact its fragrance.
This cake is composed entirely of material from Bulang spring, but only partially from wild trees. It has a medium compression, with a medium-bodied flavor, but a long finish. The aftertaste is sweet and clean and you can also define overall a great tasting cake. The liquid is pale gold. It has excellent quality / price ratio. So I would say that it is a good buy for those who want to drink now and for those who want to age for future consumption.

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