domenica 11 marzo 2012

Tea tasting - 1990 Grand Yellow Label puerh tea

To celebrate the spring coming I have wanted drink a puerh that I bought 3 years ago: a late 1990 Grand Yellow Label puerh tea. In the last three years I storage it in a medium dry storage (about 55/60% of humidity - 20C° temperature) but before this puerh has a very humid storage (I don't, I'm not sure, but I think 85/90% of humidity).
This is only the second time that I taste a real old puerh (the first time a 1960 humid storage!) and I'm not sure if I really like it.
The first 1960 puerh tasting was really a shock! I payed for it a little treasure but I thinked it smelled of mold. I thinked for the age...
Now, with this more young tea, I have hoped to find a special taste but .... nothing! The same smell of mold...
I have spoke with other puerh taster and they have told me that it's quite normal. Normal?!
Personally now I'm sure that I don't like that smell and taste of humid storage old puerh, I prefer a lot a medium storage (like mine) and a medium age (like 10 years) raw puerh tea.

I arrange for this tea an outdoor chaxi with a little modern chinese chabako (comprehensive of a little tea tray) and a my alcool burner. I have used the little adorable Yixing teapot that I use for aged puerh teas and I have inaugurated new with porcelain set of tea pitcher and cups with plum blossoms. It's very nice the contrast that create with the red liquor.

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