mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

The Beauty - (chanoyu of middle March)

The last lesson of Chanoyu had a theme (effettively the same theme used for the lessons of gong fu cha) very challenging: the beauty.
The shikishi used in the previous week was based on the purity of the heart and the argument that
we had treated was the renewal that spring inevitably brings with.
With this lesson I wanted to introduce the theme of Beauty as a whole between inner and
exterior: there is no exterior beauty if also there isn't an inner beauty and does not exist
a nice container for the tea without ... someone who knows how to handle and use it with care!
The correlation between nature, pure soul, beauty tools and technique of use is very narrow:
there isn't a well done tea ceremony without these four elements.
What good is having a rare cup made by a great Master if you do not have the perfect technique
to use it? And what good is a perfect technique if you do not use a good tea, freshly and ground
with care? And finally, what good is having a wonderful tea if we are not able to transfer
our love in the infusion that we are preparing?

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  1. Simply beautiful. I always enjoy visiting. You have a lovely serene blog. Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  2. Thank you too for your beautiful blog!