martedì 31 gennaio 2012

Korean tea ceremony (English Version)

This is my first korean tea ceremony in 2012​​. I do not do very often this kind of ceremony, but it is a pity because it's not very difficoult (like a cha no yu) but is quite rewarding.
Essentially it was done to try my new Korean teawares (which you can see in detail in the the photo) that I have given me for Christmas.

I used this Jungjak green tea from Hwagae wild tea garden in Jirisan Mountain is the most popular among tea lovers. The tea leaves gathered for Jungjak are slightly bigger than those of Sejak, and are gathered after Ipha (the start of summer, the day around May 5). But the same care is taken in gathering and making of the tealeaves, and retains the same properties seen in the best grades of Korean green teas, such as the fresh aroma and smooth taste and can be infused two to three times when brewing the tea. Jungjak is the best for the green tea beginner.
This tea from the Hwagae is cultivated on privately owned tea gardens located on the southern slopes of Jirisan Mountain, the most remote area from civilization in Korea, and are handmade, therefore producing more delicate teas which are of course, more expensive. Instead of the large breath taking plantations, the tea gardens of Hwagae are smaller in size and the tea trees lay closer to the ground and grow naturally, and are therefore also called "wild green tea."

Here a detail of the leaves already infused ....

And here is another detail of the tools used.

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