sabato 12 novembre 2011

Tie Kwan Yin (English version)

Tie Kwan Yin Tea (or " Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea") is a very famous Chinese oolong tea all over the world. To date it remains one of my favorite tea and it is certainly the one who I drink more.
I wanted to create a setting to enjoy at the best my precious leaves.

I did not want the "usual" tray with drainage water (because I had decided to sit down on the tatami) so I used a simple wooden table and a kensui to collect the waste water.

The Yixing teapot was purchased by me in 2005 and is definitely one of my favorites. I bought it at the Italian Museum of Tea and it is a copy a very famous design teapot of the Old China. It is my inseparable teapot for Tie Kwan Yin tea!

I used also some Yixing cups and japanese iron saucers with the design of a red Maple leaf. The water was boiled in a precious kettle over a Japanese electric furo . (I really have not the time to prepare the charcoals!).

Good tea for all!

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