venerdì 18 novembre 2011

Sencha-do "the way of Sencha" (English version)

Many know the chanoyu Japanese tea ceremony, but very few people know that in Japan
there is also another tea ceremony, equally complex, which is called Sencha-do.
Sencha tea leaves are a green tea of good quality. It is very popular with Japanese and
drunk often, but usually without any kind of "ceremony".
This tea ceremony combines the formality typical of the aesthetic taste of Japanese chado with
Chinese tools.
For this type of ceremony the study is very long and complex.
I have made only a brief introduction to this, lesser known but equally beautiful, Japanese tea ceremony
and I'll give you a little taste in this photo showing how I made ​​in
my setting.

In the center I used with a tall white brazier which is called "bofuro". The
teapot on the right is quite old and is part of a service that I have inherited much
time ago, but is perfectly for shape and color for the functions of the teapot for
Sencha-do (the equivalent of mizusashi in chado).
In front, on a tray, a tea set that includes Japanese sencha teapot and
mugs. The metal plates are Japanese and I bought them in Tokyo specifically to make this ceremony.

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