domenica 27 novembre 2011

Robiraki (English version)

Robiraki means literally "open ro". Ro is the brazier recessed inside
of the tatami that is used in winter instead of furo. In winter we prefer
use this because it is larger and thus generates more heat and is also placed at the center
of the room, so it is closer to the guests.
The transition between furo and ro is done with a special ceremony ( robiraki ceremony) that
usually done after the first week of November.

This is the first year I was able to celebrate robiraki because I completed my
"chashitsu" corner doing the raised floor so you can cash out ro.
In the photos you can see that I used electric version ro (I had too little time), but I
provided of course also to use it with coals.

To complete my ceremony I used nagaita (the version for ro is a bit 'smaller
that for furo).
I will discuss in more detail the variations of nagaita in another post.

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