sabato 12 novembre 2011

Oita (English version)

During the first days of October, in the Japanese tea ceremony, we use a
particular "table" (placed between furo and tatami) larger than normal
shiki-ita used in most of the ceremonies with furo.
The ceremony with oita is not much different from normal tea ceremony, however you have to
remember that futaoki and hishaku are positioned above the "table". It is the same
if you leave the tools at the end of the ceremony.
With Oita you must use only Chosen furo ( the type of brazier that you can see in the
photo) and futaoki of bamboo.

I chose to use a hagi chawan (blue hagi from Seigan artist that in recent years has become
very very popular). I do not love her very much, but I wanted to take the colors of the waves
painted on marine futaoki. The Natsume used gives the idea of the start of autumn, it has a fund
designs of chrysanthemums and red maple leaves on a black laquer. The futaoki used is perhaps the
piece more particularly as it is made ​​of painted wood with a traditional design.

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