domenica 13 novembre 2011

New teapot inauguration (English version)

I publish this post as a tribute of honor to the new Yixing handmade teapot that I have just opened!

I bought this teapot in China in the city of Yixing (famous for its clay ideal for the manufacture of tea utensils) in 2006. It was handmade by a craftsman who has his shop in front of the famous museum of historical Yixing zisha teapots! It was really fantastic to see the craftsmen working the clay with such mastery.

I chose to open this teapot (purchased from the many that I have still to use) because it has a fine relief of bamboo leaves that fall from the branch just yellowed with the first autumn breeze. I found it very appropriate to the period.

I chose to keep it to serve naturally fermented Puerh tea. His baptism was therefore with a classic bing cha Menghai 7532.

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