lunedì 30 agosto 2010

Nodate (english version)

"Nodate" in Japan means a tea ceremony done outdoors. There are various types of nodate, which may be more or less sophisticated: it goes from a simple cup of matcha done with a thermos to a real ceremony with portable tatami and made with all the equipment of a true classic ceremony.
I spent some of the hottest days of July on the mountains (about 1600m high) in beautiful lawns and breathtaking views. I had not with me all the equipment to do the tea ceremony, but I could not fail to make a simple nodate in an environment so beautiful! I organized a "set portable" studied to make nodate: a basket to hold a traditional chawan (a size just smaller than standard) and Natsume (from chabako). How chashaku and chasen I used those leaflets that are comfortably inside a small container made of bamboo. Unfortunately I could not bring with me on top of the mountain the tatami so I did with a mat and a thermos, but I can assure you that was a truly wonderful experience!

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