lunedì 30 agosto 2010

My first chaji (english version)

My teacher, just like me, has birthday in July and this time I decided, instead of the usual birthday gift, of calling her for a chaji.
It was a great experience because I had never invited anyone before for a chaji organized entirely by me.
A chaji is a full tea ceremony: includes sumi (charcoal) ceremony, kaiseki meal, two desserts and two-course of tea.
To make life easier I decided to make a chaji "simplified" by eliminating the kaiseki meal and adopting the formula of Zen-cha, reversing the order of usucha and Koicha so that the charcoal had time to heat the water for good afford to make a good thick tea.
It was very tiring but it helped me to learn how to organize the management of work (I started to prepare several days before) and my teacher was very pleased with the work I have done.
(Actually I do not know why it was so happy because I have made many mistakes, but she is always so patient ...). As you can see from the photos I used a typical summer Korean-style brazier with a shiki-ita in Oribe style. I then used a mitsusashi of 1800, a Natsume usagi maki and a type of chaire akahada. The cup for koicha was a classic aka-raku while for usucha was a hira-chawan of 1800.
I wanted to give the atmosphere of an informal and relaxed chaji so I put in a tokonoma a jiku with a simple phrase that translated into Italian means something like "take a cup of tea." The choice of this phrase would mean to me: let us not be too strict and we take this opportunity to drink a simple cup of tea.

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